Minetest for the Web
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This is an experimental port of Minetest using WebAssembly/Emscripten.

This is a very limited demo. There is no way to save game.


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This web interface is not ready yet.

In the meantime, you can use "Join Game" in Minetest.

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How this works:

  • The Minetest server runs in your browser.
  • After the game has loaded, copy the URL. Anyone with it can join.
  • Other players connect via proxy, keeping your IP address private.
  • The world is stored in RAM only. It is lost when you leave the game.
  • To prevent throttling, keep the browser tab open and visible.


Current technical limitations will cause the server to crash after hitting 2GB memory usage. If players explore the map, this will happen after a few minutes. Viewing range and generation distance are turned down to mitigate this.

Custom Minetest Launch

Customize arguments to minetest.exe and minetest.conf

This feature is not ready yet. Please check back later.